Optimizing Recruiting and Sourcing Processes

How to set up a recruiting process that leads to the right hiring. Using the right tools eliminating bias and too fast decision making.

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Potential Identification

Everyone has potential, but some people in your organisation posess critical skills contributing directly to your business goals short or long term. How to identify these critical skills and the people who have them? What can you do to retain these employees? Such a process requires clear criteria, accurate data and careful decision making. People leaders with special potential in their team, need to acquire the knowledge how to detect, coach and motivate these team members, same for HR business partners.

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Team Development

Define Team Mission

Team Assessment

Team Cohesion

Team Action Plan

Installing of Feedback Culture

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Assessment and Development tools

Tools officially licensed in: MBTI, Insights Discovery, LEA, Lominger, Situational Leadership, Intercultural Awareness

Tools we have experience with: Profiles XT, Lencioni (5 Dysfunctions of a Team)

Find here the links to the official websites

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Strategic workforce planning

Achieving the goals you have outlined for the next years of your company, can only be realized through the human capital, your most valuabel asset. Which is the current state of the capabilities of your workforce? Which competencies are key to retain, attract and develop in your organisation and how to prioritize?

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Organisation Design and Structure

Similar as for a building, a good organization design takes inventory of all the tasks, functions and goals of a business, and then develops groupings and orderings of jobs, departments and individuals to best and most efficiently achieve those ends. We can support you with concepts such as job families, job descriptions, organizational structure - the skeleton of an organisation - and efficient reporting lines.

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HR automation

Automation of HR processes is not an easy exercise. It entails a thorough investigation of the enterprise it's IT landscape, mapping of which talent data are currently in which system and managed by whom, selecting the right provider and implementation partner, defining the right competencies and team

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Leadership Development

Strategic Leadership Development

Situational Leadership

360° on Leadership

Emotional Intelligence

Installing a Coaching Culture

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Change Management

The only constance is change. But how to lead yourself and others though all these change processes? Typical human reactions, steps to take, communicating in times of change, lead others through change step by step

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Performance Management - Competency Management

Most of the companies have introduced a yearly performance review by line managers towards their team members. The process is often administrative, heavy and a big burdon at the end of the year rush. We help you to redesign the process of Performance Management and by installing or securing the three key drivers of employee performance: ongoing daily Feedback, future focused conversations and peer reviews through practical and hands-on tools.

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compensation and benefits

Ensure the budget you spend to rewards, benefits and compensation is spent in the most optimal way.   Setting up a cafetaria plan, benchmark selection, grading, job evaluation are only a few areas we can navigate you through so that your Reward strategy is perceived as fair, can attract the needed competencies and engage your current workforce.  

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HR Strategy and Kpi's

We help you to develop a Talent Strategy that supports the delivery of your Business Strategy.  More over, we guide you to put this plan into concrete actions: development plans, recruitment priorities, retention initiatives, ...

To analyse how well you are progressing or to understand in which areas you need to improve, specific workforce analytics and koi's have become essential.  Together with you, we set up a set of well defined basic kpi' and analytics.  When the basic is already there, more advanced analytics can come into place for better decision making.  

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