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As HR professional you have many things on your mind: on one hand you need to keep the daily operations running, manage your team and take care of unexpected events crossing your road. Of course you want to make progress at a different level too and work on your processes, such as rethinking your performance management, Employment branding, Leadership Development, HR digitalisation, all with long term impact.

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High Tea Micro-Learnings

Upcoming: September 19th 2019

The name High Tea gets its name from its tendency to be served at a high table, like a dining table or high counter, at the end of the working day. Originally it was served to the workers after a long day of work.  What can you expect?  4 times a year we provide in the format of a micro-learning, an interactive session in the area of Human Resources.  The topics are very diverse and can vary from: 'how to increase trust in your organization', to 'how to start digitalizing your HR department', 'Comparing different types of Assessments' or 'International HR management'.  All sessions take place in a small group, around the table in a cosy but professional atmosphere.  

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Xperienz Xtra

Entrepreneurship and social responsibility fit perfectly together in our vision on the world.  4 times a year we invite entrepreneurs with a special or dream, where it didn't stay with words, but where the people involved got into action.  They decided to stop talking and to do something in order to achieve results.  Each guest we invite has a unique story to tell.  We sincerely hope you get inspired and it helps you to make your dreams come true.


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