Ten years ago, we met at a workshop in Kiev during the Orange revolution. Greet was leading the workshop and Linsey was working as HR Manager at Melexis' at that time. During many years we worked closely together on various topics such as team growth, individual development assessment and learning journeys, MBTI sessions and Leadership in general. It gave us the opportunity to get to know each other better and share our passion for developing talents. One day in 2017, we decided to put our interests and complementarities together and to partner up, sharing the same values. We were ready to discover new horizons. XperienZ was born.

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Every morning I get up with the will to make a change to people's lives and work. Having an impact on people's functioning and well-being is the best motivator ever. In everything I do, hope and positivism is my guide line. By developing myself all through the years, I could make others benefit from my learnings and experiences. I love to work with individuals and teams, making progress together towards their goals and destination. During this journey I like to rely on scientifically proven tools as MBTI, Insights, Situational Leadership and many others. From diagnosis to implementation, together towards a better future.

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I love to see people grow and to work with teams in a local or international context. My passion is to share with other hr professionals and people leaders what I know. When people are eager to learn and get the support from the organisation, many domains of HR can be acquired in an accelerated way. Setting up an HR Information System (HR automation), making the bridge with the IT part and other stakeholders is one specialisation I have been building up in several companies. The other one is to guide teams in their workforce planning and organisation design to guarantee future strategic growth of the company.