When? Q2, session dates defined with participants

Duration: 8 half-days

Maximum 5 participants

Content & Formula: Rethinking and redesigning the Performance Management system and more in particular the yearly evaluations, are at the top of many companies' agendas these days. You dream about an environment where there is continuous feedback, leaders have future oriented career discussions and at the same time you succeed to take away the administrative burdon.  Still you find it difficult just to remove these yearly evaluations which are in place since years and well accepted by all parties. Guess what? you are right to doubt!

Because depending on where you are with the organisation and it's people leaders, it might not be so wise to just remove these established end of the year conversations. Learn together with XperienZ how you can move from your current way of working towards a new way of performance management. Not only learn but do and make it happen in the next year.  

XperienZ leads you through the process of building your tailor made Performance Management process, including the latest trends and insights in this topic.  We provide you with templates, communication plan, follow through after implementation.  In the end we will have built this together.