Join our Connect & Co-Create Sessions

As HR professional you have many things on your mind: on one hand you need to keep the daily operations running, manage your team and take care of unexpected events crossing your road. Of course you want to make progress at a different level too and work on your processes, such as rethinking your performance management, Employment branding, Leadership Development, HR digitalisation, all with long term impact.

Often the latter doesn't have a chance to survive the daily urgencies as it requires you to dive into the concept, go to some conferences, read books and articles and these things take time knowledge and focus. Therefore we have created the Connect & Co-create sessions. It consists, depending on the topic, of +/- 6 days intensive collaboration in a small group (4 to 5 members) with Peer HR professionals and led by Xperienz consultants. We provide you with interesting must-read literature, propose several options each workshop and work along the milestones of this project until communication, implementation and lessons learned. Like this we ensure you have your objective ready within a reasonable time frame, have peers to soundboard with and are informed about and guided through the latest trends by experienced consultants. And at the end, you are the one who has worked out the new process, practices and templates tailormade for your unique organisation.

When? Q2, session dates defined with participants

Duration: 8 half-days

Maximum 5 participants

Content & Formula: Rethinking and redesigning the Performance Management system and more in particular the yearly evaluations, are at the top of many companies' agendas these days. You dream about an environment where there is continuous feedback, leaders have future oriented career discussions and at the same time you succeed to take away the administrative burdon.  Still you find it difficult just to remove these yearly evaluations which are in place since years and well accepted by all parties. Guess what? you are right to doubt!