1. Start with the basics
  2. Streamline your process
  3. Communicate about the process before launching the platform
  4. Don't make it too complex
  5. Avoid different systems are still needed
  1. Start with the basics: When you still start with your automation journey, we recommend always to start with the module of managing basic hr processes, such as changing/adding personnel employee data, reporting lines, company structure, position management. This ensures the basic data will have a higher quality and reporting/analytics for Performance management will run smoother.  It will increase your credibility when basic master data are correct and ensure your project will not slow down because of neglecting the basics.
  2. Streamline your process: Instead of trying to adapt the platform to your process, we advice to look at the best practice of the system and to evolve in this direction.  It will save you headaches and costs with each upgrade of the platform and it will simplify the automation.  
  3. Communicate about the process before launching the platform: Avoid a change on a change. When you both automate and thus change the platform, but on top of that you make big changes to your performance management process, this can be too much. People don't like change and even when you have chosen an excellent platform, it might be perceived as a bad system, simply because people will have too much change at once.
  4. Don't make it too complex: the new platform is there to support your process and to support the people.  When you try to put every detailed step of the process in your platform, you take away some flexibility for the people.  Also there will be frustration if the participants of the performance management process need to enter too much information.  Prioritize and remember: the system does not replace leadership and a good conversation. 
  5. Avoid different systems are still needed: At the same time, ensure that people don't need again their excel files or mails to enter information.  So leave enough options and freedom to enter any information to avoid that a second flow starts outside of the selected platform