1. Ovation: Recognize Excellence in your organization
  2. Expectations: Design challenges
  3. Transfer: Enable self-management
  4. Openness: Transparent decision-making
  5. Natural: Be vulnerable
  1. Ovation: Recognize Excellence in your organization. Ovation explains 61% of organizational trust. Ovation is best when unexpected, tangible and public. Recognize result, effort and good attitude in your organization
  2. Expectations: Design challenges. Expectation explains 72% of organizational trust. Identify concrete goals and induce challenge stress. Make sure you get people in their flow: make sure there is a balance between skills and challenges. So you prevent and boredom and anxiety.
  3. Transfer: Enable self-management. Transfer explains 54% of organizational trust.\nLet people show what they learned and transfer it to their colleagues. Learning transfer increases energy and health. Make people proud of their progress and contribution to the success of the organization.
  4. Openness: Transparent decision-making. Openness explains 63% of organizational trust. Communication is key. Explain Why something is done, why a certain decision is made, why you do what you do.
  5. Natural: Be vulnerable. Natural explains for 46% of organizational trust. If things are not working out as you planned, dare to ask for help. Imperfection is appealing. If you ask me for help, this invites me to ask you for help. Vulnerability based trust is the foundation of every relation. So be vulnerable. Create more trust in your organisation